Mountain Board



MIGLA0002 - reach the heights

Cruiser boards are generally either shorter than regular longboards, for the sake of compactness, and to make them easier to carry around/navigate in cities, or longer than medium length longboards. Cruiser boards are meant for urban environments or for a feeling of surfing.

Baltic birch combined with fiberglass - it makes super good durability and flexibility.
Painting made by silkscreen.

87cm x 23cm

Complete Setup:
- Longboard Trucks 180mm
- Longboard Wheels 70/51mm/78a
- PRO High Speed ABEC11 Bearings
- 5mm Risers
- Grip Tape
- T-Tool (for all your loose screws)

LOCAL PICKUP! If you want to pick up your board personally and are living in Riga, Latvia, you can choose the Free Shipping method at Checkout to have a meeting arranged with you once your board is ready!